Point-of-Sale Systems

Secure, Reliable, Cost-effective. A point-of-sale solution should be all of these and scalable to your needs. Your business is unique, so we offer customized, versatile and comprehensive systems designed to grow as your company does. With Netcard, your POS becomes the center of your commerce—allowing you to integrate with your other applications, such as payroll, and marketing and loyalty programs. Most importantly, we offer our POS security technology to provide you with unparalleled protection.

Gift Cards

Merchant gift card programs lead customers to spend—on average—60 percent more than the value of their gift cards. In addition, 72 percent of shoppers also shop for themselves when they go online or in-store to purchase a gift card. Netcard helps you acquire more loyal customers with our innovative gift card program. You can personalize your own gift cards, offer reloading capabilities and use a card-not-present program that allows your customers to use their phone number as their identifier.

Mobile Terminal

The way people pay for goods and services is continually changing. That’s why today’s businesses should have a payment processing partner that can provide high-quality services, products and customer care. Unlike other mobile payment solutions that hold funds for up to 30 days, Netcard funds its merchants as if they are processing transactions in a store, soyou’ll receive your funds faster.


Integrate Payments into Your Website Start accepting credit cards online today with Auth. Net—Netcard’s safe, transparent solution designed to increase shopper conversions, encourage repeat purchases and minimize the total cost of payment acceptance. Plus, we offer a customizable reporting tool and dedicated department to resolve disputes. Netcard has everything you need to start selling online today.

And Much More!